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 Success Stories



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  • Kean University +

    Kean University

    When Kean University needed weather protection for its broadcasters and other news media at Home of the Cougars events, Rainbow Awnings created this colorful, sturdy aluminum structure.

    Unlike most of our structures, where the fabric covers are permanently attached, this one is designed to be laced-down for removal and storage in the off-season.

  • Susquehanna Bank Center +

    Susquehanna Bank Center

    Formerly The Tweeter Center

    Colorful identification, plus weather protection, for ticket purchase, food sales and admission gate areas of this busy summer recreational facility.


  • Schooner American Seasonal Dining +

    Schooner American Seasonal Dining

    Since this retired Schooner is a seasonal dining attraction, the cover shelter is designed in a large quantity of separately framed, bolted-together sections, which are taken down and stored over the winter months.

  • Villanova Monastary Museum +

    Villanova Monastary Museum

    An attractive walkway canopy, with the aluminum frame painted to color match the fabric cover. Provides weather protection and eye-appeal to an otherwise plain building area.

  • Mammouth Shopping Center +

    Mammouth Shopping Center

    The awnings in this giant shopping center have the same size and shape, but vary in color as they progress around the facility.

    The white stripes common to all add interest and a polished appearance to the area.

  • Golden Oaks Country Club +

    Golden Oaks Country Club

    This huge patio cover, with glass enclosure by others, adds a huge additional room to this already large club facility.

    Set at the upper deck level, it offers panoramic views of the entire facility.


  • Doylestown Tennis Club +

    Doylestown Tennis Club

    Tennis Halls are not typically structures of great beauty. This handsome walkway canopy, with attractive graphics, tells people what goes on inside, and invites them in to participate.

  • Willow Grove NAS +

    Willowgrove NAS

    This graceful stairway cover provides sun and inclement weather protection for the children and staff of this Child Development Center.

    The play shelter is designed so that the cover can be removed and stored during the winter season.




  • Ristorante Toscana +

    Ristorante Toscana

    Rainbow Awnings claims only a portion of the successful completion of this 16-foot-long Community Dining Table.

    It began with our installation of more than 3,000 tiny Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) into the top of the steel table, fabricated by others.Over this, we built a special frame constructed of 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thick clear acrylic plastic, which supports the beautifully-grained Tuscany Onyx cover.

    Originally intended to be illuminated with neon, the LEDs are a better solution because they generate almost no heat, and are considerably safer, since they are low-voltage-powered. Their long useful life, and tiny power consumption, are pluses as well.

  • Lilly Pulitzer - Alabama +

    Lilly Pulitzer - Alabama

    This striking awning displays a full custom printed fabric, done in the dramatic Pink and Green colors that identify Lilly Pulitzer shops in other locations.

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