Special Constructions

 Special Constructions



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  • Schooner American Seasonal Dining +

    Schooner American Seasonal Dining

    Since this retired Schooner is a seasonal dining attraction, the cover shelter is designed in a large quantity of separately framed, bolted-together sections, which are taken down and stored over the winter months.

  • Hollywood Cafe +

    Hollywood Cafe

    This outdoor patio construction is an extension of sun shading and exterior signage and decoration work completed by Rainbow Awnings in 2003.

    The first 2008 operation was a series of heavy aluminum columns, which were powder coated in a Red color to match the building exterior. Then followed sturdy aluminum railings, powder coated a bright Yellow color.

    The final step was a patio cover, following the tapered shape of the patio. Sturdy aluminum trusses taper in width from 35 feet at the building wall to a bit more than 14 feet at the front, at a point 36 feet forward from the building wall. The Dark Blue fabric covering matches the building awnings completed in 2003.

  • Ristorante Toscana +

    Ristorante Toscana

    Rainbow Awnings claims only a portion of the successful completion of this 16-foot-long Community Dining Table.

    It began with our installation of more than 3,000 tiny Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) into the top of the steel table, fabricated by others. Over this, we built a special frame constructed of 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thick clear acrylic plastic, which supports the beautifully-grained Tuscany Onyx cover.

    Originally intended to be illuminated with neon, the LEDs are a better solution because they generate almost no heat, and are considerably safer, since they are low-voltage-powered. Their long useful life, and tiny power consumption, are pluses as well.

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