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  • Tiffany Diner +

    Tiffany Diner The LED Borderlite tube attached to the metal tube structural frame, rather than the building side, gives it a brightness and openness not often found in this type of installation. It is further enhanced by the deep purple color applied to the structural frame, and the fact that the paint itself is powder applied and baked to a high gloss finish.
  • Ristorante Toscana +

    Ristorante Toscana This is a striking project with awnings, outdoor building signage, pole signage, LED Borderlite and the unusual LED lighting of the big Community Dining Table (see more at Success Stories) all coming from a single source. The Architect's choice of Amber as the LED Borderlite color is outstanding in the way it enhances the rustic exterior color and finish on the building itself. .
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