Commercial Identifiers

 Commercial Identifiers



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  • Bank of America +

    Bank of America

    In its expansion into the Eastern United States, Bank of America has grasped the opportunity to create dramatic site treatments.

    The awnings used here are tiny in size, but do call serious attention to the facility with their splash of color and sensational graphics. Note that the letters and image have the third dimension of thickness that makes their message stand out.

  • Avenue +


    Viewed in the daytime, the awning at this small retail shop does not seem very impressive. But illuminated at night it really stands out.

    The covering fabric is White, with a special Red color coating on the outer surface. Using a specially cut mask, the image area is chemically eradicated to let the message come through in brilliant White.

  • Blue Tulip +

    Blue Tulip

    Blue Tulip is a chain of retail shops with facilities in many types of location. No matter how tawdry the area, the outstanding tulip graphic generously repeated on the awning invites shoppers to come in and have a look.


  • Lily Pulitzer - NY +

    Lily Pulitzer - New York

    The awnings and walkway canopy at this fashionable retail shop on New York's Upper East Side are done in the dramatic Pink and Green colors that identify Lilly Pulitzer shops in other locations.

    We have just recently completed an awning installation at another Lilly Pulitzer store in the Philadelphia suburb of Ardmore PA. The awning styling there is totally different, but the same striking colors are used to catch the eye.

  • DiNaso & Son's +

    DiNaso & Son’s

    This facility is one of several building products centers in New Jersey operated by DiNaso and Sons.

    The awnings and signage are utilitarian, styled to inform potential customers of what goes on inside this huge facility, and to invite them to come in and browse, and make their purchases.

  • Kati Mac +

    Kati Mac

    A small business on a crowded street needs identifiers to make it stand out.

    The photos show how this Florist has accomplished this very thing.

  • 300 W. State Street +

    300 W. State Street

    These awnings have an unusual shape, carefully constructed to be inset into the masonry reveal of the openings.

    Their clean, simple lines add elegance to the overall building appearance.

  • Dover Downs Casino +

    Dover Downs Casino

    This oversized awning provides identification and weather protection to the entrance of the Casino facility at Dover Downs Racetrack.

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